How Can I Help You?

Let’s be honest, there isn’t enough time in the day for all that we need to accomplish. As a full-time mother and clinical nurse, I understand completely. My goal is to provide you with reliable and marketable content for your business that will save you time.

It Starts With Trust

A vast range of information is available on the Internet to anyone who is seeking it. This information can be confusing and misleading for lay readers. Consequently, I find patients are often ill-informed, which can lead to provider distrust and inadequate patient care.

Education is a vital part of direct and indirect patient care. Having a full understanding of the problem and the solution can be the difference between patients seeking treatment versus avoiding treatment—or seeking treatment elsewhere.

What information would best serve your audience?

My Word


With deep healthcare experience, I know what information people need to hear. I understand how to convey difficult content to a diverse audience using a patient-centered approach.


I hold a BA in English/Creative Writing and a BS in Nursing. My education has given me a solid foundation in research, language and grammar use. Prior to my nursing days, I held varying roles in publication, sales, marketing and business administration.


I embrace these core values above all: timeliness, attention to detail, integrity and reliability. My work is honest, well-resourced and customized to meet your goals.


Whether you need a project written independently or with your team, I’m your writer. You will find that my copy will speak to your audience in keeping with your brand.


I am neither a robot nor a saleswoman. Instead, I am a writer (who just so happens to be a nurse) who is passionate about human health and healthcare. Simply put, (and maybe, perhaps, naive), my copy is aimed to educate and inspire lives.


Writing Services

  • Health and medical content for consumers
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Website copy
  • Consumer health stories/case studies

Additional Services:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Transcription

Your online presence is important for your business and your audience.

Your time is valuable.

Nurses are the #1 trusted professional.

Let me do the leg work.

Contact me here to discuss how I may help you on your next project!