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Emily Will Writes All features articles for women related to nutrition food, general health and well being. Through high quality research-based articles and online resources, I share advice about how to live a “well” life in mind, body, and spirit. I believe that living healthfully starts with living mindfully. The latest fads, marketing gimmicks and diets won’t help you in the long run. EWWA is for women who want to kick their old habits and live an intentional life.

Here, you’ll get straight forward answers from a clinically trained nurse. I’ll share with you value-packed health and wellness tips, actionable how-to’s and real solutions to challenges many women face. I can help take out the confusion, to guide you toward finding your best self!

“Everything you can imagine is real” – Picasso


Why did I name this site Emily Will Writes All? 

Simply put: If I want it, I WILL. I WILL live my life to the fullest. I WILL pursue the next day. I WILL be a part of this life, instead of a bystander. I WILL help others live their lives to the fullest; and it begins with good health.

Why did I start blogging?

I’m a 30-something, full-time wife, mother and RN. Life is complicated enough! My health shouldn’t be! The amount of information available at your fingertips can be overwhelming. The digital world hosts 1,000,001 diet plans, fitness plans, meal plans, and the like. Mind boggling! You wonder, “Which one is right for me?” Answer: for lasting results, probably none of them. For how many years are you really going to meal-replace with a shake? Which is more important, losing 5 pounds in 30 days or your cardiovascular health?

You may have guessed by now that I’m passionate about educating others.  Education plays an active part in my role as a clinical nurse. What better platform to share with others than through the world wide web?!

My Promise

I’ll give it you straight and simplify real information for you. In my writing you will find that my voice is real, and my content is reliable. With a passion for learning, writing and health advocacy, I will be your biggest advocate. I believe in you!

What's your why?

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More about Emily

I’m an ex-Virginian, living in Raleigh, NC with my sweet little family. I’m a clinical RN trained in critical care and cardiovascular medicine. My education includes a BA in English/Creative Writing and BS in Nursing. (You could say that I use both sides of my brain!)

Some random facts about me:

  • Most people call me “Em,” particularly the elderly
  • I’m a life-long equestrian: owning, raising, competing horses
  • My horse (of 12 years) is named Ben…or Benjamin, Benji, Big Ben, Benny…
  • I love cooking and can spend hours on Pinterest scouring for recipes
  • I hate the sound of liquid being poured—it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me
  • There is nothing better than avocado on toast
  • No day begins without coffee!

I invite you to join me on this journey through life and writing.

Let’s share our experiences and grow as humans together!

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